Moving can be a test of strength, not only for your nerves, but also for your belongings. To be sure that your favorite things will arrive safe and sound, entrust transportation to professionals

What steps are important to perform most carefully:

packaging – we use special materials that prevent damage;
loading and unloading – we act carefully and technologically, even the most fragile things of our customers remain unharmed during transportation;
directly on the road – things will not turn over, fall, or be scratched on the way if they are securely fixed, and our employees do this work.

What cargo do we transport

You can entrust us with the most valuable and fragile:

designer or antique furniture;
mirrors, crystal, ceramic and glassware;
musical instruments;
computer and home appliances.

We treat each order responsibly, carry out packing and loading technologically, an experienced driver is fully responsible for your things on the road. All these measures allow us to give a guarantee that your things will be delivered in integrity, and also in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable cost.