When the repair comes to an end, we experience joyful excitement, because there is only one step left and you are in a new apartment. We understand how you want to immediately take things and start settling in a new place, but the main thing here is not to rush. Neglecting some rules, later you may encounter certain problems that could be eliminated immediately by allocating time for verification. We have prepared a list of recommendations that will help you avoid common mistakes before moving, so save the post and avoid these mistakes!

What should be done BEFORE moving?


All rough work and work that requires free space, such as hanging blinds, must be completed before moving. Throw away construction debris, put away tools, and dismantle the balcony if it’s a mess.
If you have leftover finishing materials, you can write to the chat at home and offer them to neighbors planning repairs, or keep them for yourself. Tiles, laminate, wallpaper – all this can come in handy in the future and if you don’t throw it away now, then you will thank yourself!

Do not ignore cleaning before moving, it is no less time-consuming process than the move itself. After repair, a huge amount of building dust accumulates in the air, which is desirable to collect with an industrial vacuum cleaner. Do a wet cleaning – wash the floors, walls, ceiling. Do not forget about washing the cornices, windows and window sills!
You can hire a cleaning company or do it yourself, but be aware that this is a lengthy process that can take several days. Cleaning should be done before the move, as it will be inconvenient to clean an apartment full of boxes.

It is better to protect the kitchen and bathrooms with special means from fungus and mold.
And before you bring things into a new apartment, we strongly recommend that you protect the floors and door slopes from accidental damage. After the arrangement, stick special heels on the legs of the furniture to avoid scratches and damage to the flooring. Let us know that your apartment is after renovation, and our employees will additionally protect the finishing of the premises with materials.
If the interior contains furniture or parts of furniture made of natural wood (not varnished), impregnate the surface with a special oil to increase the life of the property.

Measure the furniture that will be in the new apartment. After measuring, draw up a plan for arranging furniture and decide what furniture to bring to the new home and what not. Be sure to consider the location of outlets and space for furniture with opening doors. Also, with the help of measurements, you can make sure that all the furniture passes through the doorways.

Our company does not recommend moving into an apartment with an unfinished renovation! There is a risk of damage to property in the process of rearranging furniture. If you still plan to move into the apartment, we recommend that you hand over part of the property for temporary storage (until the repair is completed) so as not to litter the space and avoid damage.

We wish you to move into a renovated apartment quickly and easily!