It perfectly helps to protect property and transport it safely with

And it’s all about its characteristics!

layers of stretch film tend to stick together, which allows you to securely fix objects in a certain position;
stretch film has good extensibility (stretches from the initial state by 2-3 times), due to which it is able to tightly fit objects;
it is transparent, so you can see what kind of item is packed;
it weighs little and can be easily removed from things after use.

Use stretch film (on its own or together with other packaging materials) for packing upholstered furniture, cabinet furniture, glass and mirrors, household appliances.

Stretch film will protect furniture from bad weather (dust, rain, snow).
Stretch film will minimize the risk of scratches, abrasions and more serious damage.
Stretch film will prevent items from slipping when they are placed in the car and further transported.
Stretch film in combination with cardboard / bubble wrap will provide reliable protection for particularly fragile items.