Transportation of the washing machine with – the best option for transportation, because the machine can weigh quite a lot, and you can not cope on their own. You can order a car for the transportation of the washing machine with movers, you will only have to pack the unit and monitor that the machine was loaded according to the rules.

For example, to take the washing machine out of the apartment can only be straight, without turning it upside down, if you need to tilt the unit, it is better to do it slowly and with a small degree of slope. Inside the van of the truck it is better to put the machine sideways in relation to the movement and, of course, fix it securely.
Manufacturers of household appliances advise to transport units standing up. But is it possible to transport the washing machine on its side? After all, it is not always possible to put it upright. Yes, it is possible to transport the washing machine on its side, but the side panel, which is closer to the powder pan, or the back wall should be below. The same recommendations apply to transporting the washing machine lying down.

And in order not to drop a heavy machine on the way to or already from the machine, it is best to use a special cart for transporting washing machines.