Got a box of grandma’s china or a collection of vintage vinyl that’s coming with you on your move? Here’s the skinny on getting your fragile valuables from A to B without a scratch with

1. It’s All About the Wrap
Bubble wrap is your new best friend. Swaddle your breakables like a newborn. No bubble wrap? Towels or clothes can be pinch hitters.

2. Box It Like a Pro
Invest in sturdy boxes. Your precious items deserve first-class seating.

3. Snug as a Bug
Pack items snugly. No room for a dance party in those boxes. You don’t want your items doing the cha-cha when you hit a bump.

4. Heavy on the Bottom
Pack heavy items on the bottom. It’s like a pyramid; you don’t see the sphinx lounging on top, do you?

5. The Label is Key
Write “Fragile” on boxes. And maybe “Really, REALLY Fragile” for the stuff that makes you nervous.

6. Play Tetris
Load the truck with care. Fragile boxes should never bear the weight of your cookbook collection or your dumbbells.

7. Keep Valuables Close
Consider keeping the super valuable stuff with you. If you’d cry if it broke, it rides shotgun.

8. Insurance Is Your Pal
Get insurance. Sometimes the universe is just out to get that vase. Better safe than sorry.

9. No Shake, Rattle, and Roll
Fill in gaps with packing peanuts or more bubble wrap. The less things move, the better.

10. DIY or Nah?
Decide if you want to DIY or call in the pros. Movers have the know-how, but your tender loving care has its perks too.

11. Room to Room
Unpack room by room. It’s less overwhelming, and you can give each fragile item the attention it deserves.

12. Tool Time
Have the right tools on hand for reassembling. That crystal chandelier won’t hang itself.

13. Unpack with Patience
Unpack carefully. It’s not a race. Treat unpacking like a tea ceremony—slow and deliberate wins.

Moving valuables can be nerve-wracking, but with these tips, your stuff will be in your new pad, ready to turn that house into a home. Remember, when in doubt, pad it out! Happy moving!